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Spotlight on “RevolutionEHR” – Tips4EyeDocs Daily – 31 Jan 2012 – No.40

Part 2 of our Spotlight series introduces a product called RevolutionEHR. This Q&A blog post highlights Dr. Scott Jens, optometrist, who is the CEO of Health Innovations Technologies, the maker of RevolutionsEHR.  Their product in 2006 was revolutionary because it … Continue reading

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Where is #Eyefinity Going? – Part 1 – 26 Jan 2012 – No. 36

More than anything else, doctors want certainty. It’s no secret that doctors don’t have it now and they are nervous.  VSP is embroiled in a potential change in market direction that will profoundly future overall revenue.  Any change in the … Continue reading

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5 Steps to Better Password Protection

Security and confidentiality are the bywords of the internet and the last barrier before your valuable data is the password.  Unfortunately, many users defy logic and common sense by using common terms or familiar data for their passwords.  Unauthorized access … Continue reading

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EMR – Why must there be 300 different choices?

I’ve been baffled by the initiative to have doctors “connect” with each other and the plethora of electronic medical records (EMR) software on the market. In no way can one imagine that information sharing is wholeheartedly embraced, rather it is … Continue reading

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The Wheat from the Chaff or How do I decide on an EMR?

There are abundant promotional references about EMRs (electronic medical or health records). Deciding the truth from the embellishment or the facts from fiction should not require a Ph.D. But a recent Google search produced numerous ratings from a variety of … Continue reading

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