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Tips4EyeDocs Weekend Edition for 2012Jan07-08 – No.20 – Why is VSP looking to foreign markets?

FROM THE EDITOR At home or at the office, you see the headlines scream “VSP [Vision Service Plan] looks to expand in foreign markets” (Robertson, 2011). You get that lump in your throat or that knot in your stomach; images … Continue reading

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If I was a Standalone Vision Plan…

As far back as year or more, a well-known standalone vision plan (“WKSAVP”) knew that their political fortunes had slowly turned southwards. First it was their reclassification from a tax-exempt non-profit to a taxable not-for-profit by the Federal Government. Now … Continue reading

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Reputation and Branding for Independent Eye Doctors

Eye care whether we want to admit or not depends upon reputation and branding. For corporate eye care providers (“ECP”), branding comes easily as it employs widespread advertising, identical goods and services to strengthen and create its brand. On the … Continue reading

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EMR + Social Media = A Good Idea?

The emergence of social media as a steadily expanding influence in EMR use opens potentially newer and wider venues and justifications for its use The promise of EMR has slowed as the deadlines near for proof of its use and … Continue reading

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Senior/elder Care- It’s not as easy as an Amazon purchase

A patient came to me this week whose story woven around the lost her husband of 45 years. What was once a tolerable retirement now became an uncertain future. In tears, she related how her retirement savings had been drained … Continue reading

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