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Tips4EyeDocs Daily – 01/05/2012 – No.18 – Why Are So Many Doctors Upset at VSP

FROM THE EDITOR At least in two of the most popular Optometry (OD) –only social networks, Optcomlist and ODWire, there is a growing vocal sentiment that VSP is deviating, digressing and even deceiving the independent private practice optometrist (IPPOD) with … Continue reading

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Retinal hemorrhages – ?

CC: Reduced vision in left of unknown onset or duration HPI – A 64 year old male presented for a routine eye examination. He had noticed a slight dreduction of vision in his LE; but  had attribtuted this to a … Continue reading

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Fluorescein uptake on a cornea

Case #007 -Asymptomatic 60-ish woman patient presents with best vision of 20/100 in each eye. Her medical history is unremarkable with no significant medical issues.  She is on no prescribed medications. There are no signs of anterior chamber reaction or reports of … Continue reading

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Case #006 – A Fundus in trouble

an asymptomatic patient presents for routine eye examination without acute complaints. The personal medical and eye history was non-contributory with no active management of any chronic medical problems. PE – Unaided VA 20/20 each eye that was no significantly improved … Continue reading

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Case #005 Epithelial staining s/p Gonioscopy

It’s inevitable that some kind of epithelial microtrauma will occur with gonioscopy. This is especially true where the patient is anxious and blepharospastic. The value of doing the procedure is always weighed against the extent of the microtrauma that will … Continue reading

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