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Tips4EyeDocs Daily No. 11 for 12/28/2011 – How is Optometry Like Sears?

FROM THE EDITOR “Sears losing the retail battle & to close 100+ stores nationwide. http://yhoo.it/rIcXMm” The headlines describe the recent Sears decision to close over 100 stores across the country in order to retain working capital.  Sears has experienced a downward … Continue reading

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Is VSP between a rock and a hard place?

On an online venue for optometrists, a debate rages about VSP’s strategy in the market place. This has become an issue that has presented itself in the forefront as IBM, a major employer of 100,000 or more employees were wooed … Continue reading

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5 Steps to Avoid Social Media Burnout

The invitations pour into your email inbox as well-meaning and well-intended friends and acquaintances invite you to join this or that social site or social group. For many of my colleagues and friends, they have thrown their hands up trying … Continue reading

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What is an innovative EMR?

Can something as mundane as an electronic medical record (EMR) be glamorous or glitzy? Can it match the pizzazz of a new smart phone or the graceful lines of a modern sports car? Probably not. A swirling array of regulations … Continue reading

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EMR – Why must there be 300 different choices?

I’ve been baffled by the initiative to have doctors “connect” with each other and the plethora of electronic medical records (EMR) software on the market. In no way can one imagine that information sharing is wholeheartedly embraced, rather it is … Continue reading

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EMR + Social Media = A Good Idea?

The emergence of social media as a steadily expanding influence in EMR use opens potentially newer and wider venues and justifications for its use The promise of EMR has slowed as the deadlines near for proof of its use and … Continue reading

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What did I get out of my EMR purchase?

Or – How do I measure my benefit from my EMR? “Now that I purchased my electronic medical record (EMR) system, how do I know that I’ve gotten my money’s worth?” Buyer’s remorse is a natural reaction to sticker shock. … Continue reading

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The privacy of email in the workplace

On January 13, 2011,  Court of Appeals decision in the Third District, Court of Appeals, Sacramento ruled that email between a client and their attorney while performed at the work site and using the employer’s computer may not be considered … Continue reading

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