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Multifocal Contact Lenses – Setting Expectations – Part 5 #Tips4EyeDocs

From the first part to the fourth installment of my series on multifocal contact lens, I rediscovered the fun of fitting these lenses. I had scorned these lenses and failed to appreciate, pure happiness and satisfaction that patients experience from … Continue reading

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Multifocal Contact Lenses – What is Success? Part 3 -Tips4EyeDocs Daily – 30 Jan 2012 – No. 39

I tried something new this week. I saw a multifocal patient this past week and diagnostically fit the lenses exactly like the fitting guide wanted me to. I have to say, I was a bit surprised when the patient came … Continue reading

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Can everyone benefit from contact lenses? Tips4EyeDocs Daily 27 Jan 2012 – No. 37

The soft contact lens of 2012 is an advanced medical device. It is vastly different from the lens of 1970, 1980, 1990 and even 2000. Most of our patients aren’t aware of the advances that contact lenses have made. They’re … Continue reading

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Multifocal Contacts – Why? Part 2 – Tips4EyeDocs Weekend 21-22 Jan 2012 – No 32

Recently, a contact lens representative visited me and implored me to “fit” their lens by “following their guide”.  In fact, the representative felt that  doctors were “over thinking” the process and not following “best practices” in fitting their lenses. The … Continue reading

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Multifocal Contact Lens? Why? – Tips4EyeDocs Daily for 01/12/2012 No. 24

Multifocal contact lenses have been touted continuously by manufacturers as the next “holy grail” of contact lens opportunities. With fanfare and hoopla. multifocals are heavily promoted to eye care providers. Granted, the population is greying and the pool of potential … Continue reading

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Tips4EyeDocs Daily – 01/03/2012 – No.16 – If I was a student (in optometry) Part II

FROM THE EDITOR Since Part I, I have answered by private mail student inquiries on strategizing their course of study for maximum efficiency and for maximum flexibility for the next 5-10 years of practice. That’s a bit of a stretch … Continue reading

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Tips4EyeDocs Daily for 12/18/2011 No 4 – Patient Compliance

FROM THE EDITOR Would it not be insightful to wonder if a patient’s resolution would ever include compliance to recommendations to either periodic eye care or use of  contact lenses? Frankly, I celebrate with those patients who do so. But … Continue reading

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A corneal with superficial fluorescein retention

Optometrist “Raytec Dell” sent me this photo of a cornea in distress. I have seen cases like this were a lens has adhered to the eye both as RGPs and as soft lenses. The lenses tend to minimize physiologic exchange … Continue reading

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