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Dr. Hom holds Doctor of Optometry and Masters in Public Administration degrees and practices family eye care and consults on public policy, health information technology and program evaluation.

Announcement – Migrating my blog to #Tips4EyeDocs by @GrandRounds4ODs

My new website address is The blog site has served me well. Alas, I want to expand the capabilities of my blog site and associate All Things About Optometry and Healthcare Technology with #Tips4EyeDocs, a much easier to pronounce, … Continue reading

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After Hours Availability – #Tips4EyeDocs

Not often do optometrists think about their after hours availability.  In fact, for some doctors, this concern is never a concern or problem.  It’s even required by many vision and medical care plans as a condition to being a panel … Continue reading

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Spotlight on First Insight – Maximeyes – #Tips4EyeDocs

Tips4EyeDocs talked with Mr. Nitin Rai, founder of First Insight (, a software company that has risen to be a top tier player in the competitive eye care market. Why did you start First Insight Corporation? I started First Insight … Continue reading

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Spotlight on Deegan Lew OD FAAO – #Tips4EyeDocs

Tips4EyeDocs has the honor of spotlighting Deegan Lew, OD FAAO. Dr. Lew has a wide breadth of experience in eye care.  His undergraduate degree is in Animal Physiology from the University of California, San Diego and his Doctor of Optometry from the … Continue reading

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Case study – Confirmed Orbital Floor Fracture by X Ray – What would you do?

This is a case of blunt force trauma while being assaulted. The patient presented to the emergency department with the following: Sight in both eyes with normal gross fields; normal pupillary function, normal IOP for age, diplopia in upgaze but … Continue reading

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Multifocal Contact Lenses – Setting Expectations – Part 5 #Tips4EyeDocs

From the first part to the fourth installment of my series on multifocal contact lens, I rediscovered the fun of fitting these lenses. I had scorned these lenses and failed to appreciate, pure happiness and satisfaction that patients experience from … Continue reading

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Case Study- 7 months post operative LASIK procedure – Tips4EyeDocs

This 60year old woman is status post LASIK, OU,  7 months. Everything went well until this. She presents with mild light sensitivity, but not photophobic. The fellow eye is as red with and looks like this.CF 7ft is the vision … Continue reading

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Diagnostic Contact lens fitting in the young patient – #Tips4EyeDocs

Diagnostic contact lens fitting of the child patient from ten (10) through seventeen (17) years of age is probably one of the most rewarding in a clinician’s daily practice life. I have tried a few things over the years and … Continue reading

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Surveys 101 – Spotlight on Willard Hom, MBA

Introduction Surveys abound in optometric practice. They are used frequently for customer satisfaction and market research. The Tips4EyeDocs Spotlight is on Willard Hom, MBA who will unravel the art and science of surveys. Mr. Hom is a published author in … Continue reading

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What and Why of EMRs, a tutorial: Part 1 – Tips4EyeDocs

In the brief history of electronic medical records (EMRs), the major objective has been two fold. The traditional paper medical records had become unwieldy, difficult to transfer to another provider or to share with another provider. Legibility became a major issue … Continue reading

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