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Why do most doctors use “cash” accounting – Tips4EyeDocs Daily

One of the oddities of optometry practice is how practices count, record and allocate their income and expenses throughout their tax year.  Traditional accounting science revels in teaching first year students accrual accounting and yet most optometry practices use cash … Continue reading

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Spotlight on Gerald Eisenstatt, OD, MBA – Why an MBA?

Introduction Today’s Spotlight installment proceeds my post on the value of a postgraduate degree for optometrists (click here) For Dr. Gerald Eisenstatt, a 1984 graduate of the Southern College of Optometry, his recent MBA has placed him in the unique position … Continue reading

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Mutlifocal Contacts – Attaining Success Part 4 – Tips4EyeDocs Daily

It would seem that optometrists across the country have tried to or have achieved success in fitting multifocal contact lenses. Doctors want to do better. Because professional consultants and speakers that are funded or sponsored by the manufacturers cannot deviate … Continue reading

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Nostalgic for the optometry of “yesteryear”? – Tips4EyeDocs Weekend Edition

When eye doctors get togehter, either at a meeting or at a dinner, nostalgic thoughts occasionally captivate the participates to remember what optometry was. Some may even call it optometry’s “golden era”.  Today’s current optometrist may not appreciate that time … Continue reading

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5 Tips for the height-challenged doctor – Tips4EyeDocs Daily

Sometimes, it doesn’t seem fair.  It’s your first day at the office and some things don’t seem right. It may or may not be your permanent surroundings but you quickly note that the paper towel dispenser or rack is 6 … Continue reading

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5 Useful Accessories for the Android Traveler

Whether by auto, plane or bicycle, the Android user of today can remain connected to the Internet, email and text messaging. Here are my five favorite accessories. AmazonBasics 2-Port USB Car Charger with 2.1 Amp Output (Black) – What makes this … Continue reading

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If I was a fill-in doctor – Tips4EyeDocs Daily 08Feb2012 – 47

If you are a fill in doctor, you might feel like a world traveler. Each morning, as you prepare for work, you might or might not know what city, what office, or even what room you might use or be … Continue reading

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5 Android Applications for the Traveler – Tips4EyeDocs Daily – 07 Feb 2012 – No. 46

Air, train or car travel all present unique challenges to the connected Android user.  While the abilities of phones have dramatically improved over the last couple of years, the ability to stay connected while traveling still provide many challenges, especially … Continue reading

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What is the price of compassion? Tips4EyeDocs Daily – 06 Feb 2012 – No. 45

We are all caring professionals. Our patients not only want clinical expertise but also compassion. It is unmistakable that is an integral part of a patient encounter. It is a key component to a successful outcome and to a successful … Continue reading

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What is the value of a postgraduate degree? – Tips4EyeDocs Weekend; 4-5 Feb 2012; No. 44

Postgraduate degrees after the optometry (or any professional) holds a special place of importance in career planning. Typically, only a minority of doctors will ever think of another degree.  In the face of changing social, economic and political changes, however, … Continue reading

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