Spotlight on First Insight – Maximeyes – #Tips4EyeDocs

Tips4EyeDocs talked with Mr. Nitin Rai, founder of First Insight (, a software company that has risen to be a top tier player in the competitive eye care market.

Why did you start First Insight Corporation?

I started First Insight in 1994. It was a result of a visit with my optometrist, Dr. Craig Bowen that year, who had diagnosed me with Lattice Degeneration. He had used paper charts prior, but in this annual visit he had a Macintosh chair side with my record opened up on the Macintosh. It was a flashing lattice degeneration as an alert. I had just left my job as a Software Engineering Manager at another company to start my own company. I was looking for ideas for a product. Here it was right in front of me. I worked out an arrangement with Dr.  Bowen to acquire the software he had developed so far.  I hired college interns to do research and found that virtually no eyecare practitioner was using an Exam / EHR software, let alone on a Macintosh or Windows. Practices were not happy with the quality of service, support, and inflexibility of the products they were using. First Insight had a unique solution and the market was ready.

What are First Insight’s strengths? What do you do best?

  • Highly Customizable System:  This was a feature inherent in MaximEyes right from the inception of the product since 1994. It allows us and the practice to tailor MaximEyes to their needs—from allowing them to customize their exam forms, modify the workflow, change colors, adding selected items, to being able to add new data fields.
  • Ease of use:  Simple navigation allows you to quickly go where you need to go to enter exam information, versus being forced through a series of mouse clicks and a fixed document centric workflow. We focus on form-based entry, which makes the system very easy to use.
  • Technology. Our new certified EHR platform is built in Microsoft .NET and SQL Server that allows the software to scale from a small office to a large multi-physician, multi-location office. The technology can run both in a local office cloud or offsite cloud server.
  • Certified EHR and ARRA Advisor: MaximEyes SQL EHR is certified as a Complete EHR by CCHIT®n ONC-ATCB. With that certification, its doctor users qualify and have received  incentive checks from the CMS (click here for latest press release).  MaximEyes SQL Certified EHR incorporates Stage 1 meaningful use requirements directly into a MaximEyes workflow to improve office efficiencies and reduce redundant data entry requirements.
  • Industry Leader: Since 1994, we have grown to support more than 1,400 practices—includes more than 4,000 optometrists and ophthalmologists nationwide (including Canada).
  • Strong Research & Development and Support Staff: We employ more than 120 employees; more than 45% are dedicated to research and software development and 45% to technical support and training. We believe that exceptional customer service is a sincere and important aspect of our business.
  • Hands-on Training and Online Support: First Insight strongly believes in providing hands-on, comprehensive onsite training for all our clients. Customer service is available Monday – Saturday.  Support technicians can easily connect to a client’s computer via the Internet much like having a personal support representative sitting right next to you. Alternative learning options such as personalized phone trainings, onsite trainings at First Insight office, CBTs, online guides, and webinars.
  • Onsite Users Conference: For the past four years, we have hosted a two-day Users Conference in Portland, Oregon where hundreds of our clients come together each year.
  • Seamless Industry Integrations: Propriety VSP Calculator, integration with many ophthalmic equipment and vision care vendors, and integration with hundreds of labs for online spectacle lens/frames orders via VisionWeb and
  • Proprietary Patient Health Record Portal, First Insight will soon launch, which will allow patients and doctors to interact easily and secure through the Internet by sharing confidential healthcare information in real-time (ARRA requirement). Patients can send non-urgent messages between patient and office staff or doctors, schedule an appointment, view patient clinical summaries and current medical/Rx information, view educational materials or other paperwork, and update medical history/welcome form. Additional features, such as viewing billing information and making online payments will be added with future releases.

What new directions or highlights or products can we expect from First Insight in the next 1-2 years?

  • Platform Agnostic/Multi-Platform Capabilities: The MaximEyes paperless office is built on the latest technology to deliver streamlined performance for today’s ophthalmic office demands. By adopting cutting edge IT concepts and operating within a virtualized environment, offices can run MaximEyes in a public/private network or move to the ‘Cloud’ and consolidate infrastructure and costs.
  • iPad® Enabled: Doctors will be able to use their iPad doctors to access their medical charts outside of the office to present real-time information, education, 3D graphics and videos to enhance the patient-doctor encounter.
  • DICOM Integration for Ophthalmic Measurement and Imaging Devices. MaximEyes SQL EHR will conform to standards for receipt and representation of data from all ophthalmic instruments and devices. Request, retrieve, display and communicate all imaging and measurement data generated by ophthalmic instruments in a standard format. Manage all ophthalmic imaging data and provide a tight integration with PACS.

About Richard Hom OD, MPA

Dr. Hom holds Doctor of Optometry and Masters in Public Administration degrees and practices family eye care and consults on public policy, health information technology and program evaluation.
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