Spotlight on “RevolutionEHR” – Tips4EyeDocs Daily – 31 Jan 2012 – No.40

Part 2 of our Spotlight series introduces a product called RevolutionEHR. This Q&A blog post highlights Dr. Scott Jens, optometrist, who is the CEO of Health Innovations Technologies, the maker of RevolutionsEHR.  Their product in 2006 was revolutionary because it was a hosted /cloud electronic medical record application. It has taken the market place by storm and is already amongst the top five in a few short years. A 1991 graduate of the Illinois College of Optometry he also practices with four partners Madison, WI. He is member of the Wisconsin Optometric Association, the American Optometric Association and was a member of the initial design and launch team that developed the InfantSEE public health program.

Why did you start RevolutionEHR/Health Innovation Technologies?

In 2006, after nearly a decade of working to assist ODs to improve documentation and coding including work with Dr. Charles Brownlow, I co-founded RevoutionEHR.  It was the desire of our company to deliver a full-practice software solution that enhanced the practice of ODs who wanted to use software that was seamlessly applied across the entire patient experience.  Obviously, one of the key initial value propositions was assisting in proper documentation so as to provide proper coding of the care that was documented, and so the product was initially named EyeCodeRight.  That name changed in 2007 to avoid simplistic connotations of functionality.

How best can optometrists prepare themselves to transfer from paper to EMR?  

When an optometrist has committed to EHR, it is critical that the selected system is utilized to its fullest during training and the pre-go-live timeframe.  This means entering the clinical data (without identifiable patient information like name and DOB) into the new EHR system after-hours so as to learn the key shortcuts and data entry processes that are recommended.  Our trainers commonly find ODs who are only willing to do short pieces of training on the EHR part of the software system, often over-expecting complete automation of their lives in the exam room, and this leads to heartburn for the doctor and staff after go-live.

Any hints of new things from RevolutionEHR in the next year or two?.

Given the cloud-based delivery model, RevolutionEHR will be putting forth a number of additional capabilities that will aid both practice and patient.  Our current personal health record (PHR) for patients of RevolutionEHR users, called RevolutionPHR, will receive enhancements that will allow patients to perform in-depth interviews prior to office visits and capabilities for the patient to review and edit key information in their record as well as perform limited degrees of scheduling adjustments.  A set of mobile capabilities are also going to be incorporated that will allow RevolutionEHR users to view key pieces of clinical data from mobile devices.  Finally, we are outlining special capabilities that will allow the software to deliver key practice analytics to users that will allow third party experts to advise the RevolutionEHR users to better manage their practices.

In summary, RevolutionEHR has realized that the market place was ready for a product that was delivered via the cloud as a hosted application. Its ascent to the top echelon of eye care software shows that this market is still competitive with no clear runaway winner in view.

About Richard Hom OD, MPA

Dr. Hom holds Doctor of Optometry and Masters in Public Administration degrees and practices family eye care and consults on public policy, health information technology and program evaluation.
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