Multifocal Contacts – Why? Part 2 – Tips4EyeDocs Weekend 21-22 Jan 2012 – No 32

Recently, a contact lens representative visited me and implored me to “fit” their lens by “following their guide”.  In fact, the representative felt that  doctors were “over thinking” the process and not following “best practices” in fitting their lenses. The representative handed me a fitting guide.

I took the guide and glanced at it.  As readable document, the guide failed miserably. If a guide is to be realistically used, it has to be easy-to-read, either by design or by content. In this regard, the guide failed on both counts. Of course the representative told me that it was professionally designed for the busy practitioner.

Every time a new lens arrives, representatives eagerly want to tell you how to fit these lenses. I always wonder whether we actually believe what they have to say or read all of the guides they give us. Are we being polite in listening to them or is it more appropriate to counter their “sales talk” with what you feel about their guide or about what they are saying?  Well, as you can probably guess, I’m the kind that likes a bit of “back-and-forth” and I challenged the representative to explain to me how the fitting guide could be easily used in a busy clinical situation.

I also believe that contact lenses are such a commodity now that it is difficult for doctors to listen to the differentiation that the manufacturers feel we ought to know, but as doctors, we are hesitant to accept “at face value” or without some healthy amount of skepticism.

I know that contact lens sales representatives as a subject is pretty mundane, but I wondered why this document should be a bible when it fails to deliver information in a usable fashion or can be read when one or two patients are in their chairs.

What do you think?

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About Richard Hom OD, MPA

Dr. Hom holds Doctor of Optometry and Masters in Public Administration degrees and practices family eye care and consults on public policy, health information technology and program evaluation.
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2 Responses to Multifocal Contacts – Why? Part 2 – Tips4EyeDocs Weekend 21-22 Jan 2012 – No 32

  1. Robyn shull says:

    Dear Dr. Hom,

    What are the important points that you would like to see on a technical page of a new product?

    • Robyn,

      Thanks for your post and comment about “fitting guide/technical page”.

      Unfortunately, our profession is a victim of modern technology and rich media. As such, the usual technical page/fitting guide is not intended to exploit rich media/graphics. In my mind, the fitting guide (I prefer to concentrated on this term) should be an algorithm because that is what it really is. If it is an algorithm to successfu fit, then it should be illustrated or graphically represented in that fashion. In addition, the fitting guide should not include any advertersing “speak” or messaging. That is just wasted words.

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