Spotlight on ChromaGen – Tips4EyeDocs Daily – 19 Jan 2012 – No. 30

From time to time,  Tips4EyeDocs Daily will highlight products or services that may be of interest to the ophhthalmic community. In this installment, ChromaGen and their product and services is our guest.

Ted Edwards is the CEO of ChromaGen Vision LLC.  He is also the CEO and founder of Edwards Associates, Inc., a company that has provided consulting and assisted in raising investment funding for a number of early stage companies.  He is also the founder and member of the Board of Seattle Shellfish LLC, a Seattle based aquaculture business.  Ted graduated in Economics from Hobart College and has a Masters in Theology from Palmer Theological Seminary.

Mr. Edward’s ChromaGen is system of colored filters that when prescribed individually for each eye slows down the speed of light and dynamically balances the information traveling along the brain’s neurological pathways.  The objective of these filters is to assist someone struggling with dyslexia and reading difficulties by stopping words from moving all over the page; some kinds of double vision; words that are blurry or come in and out of focus; words that move up and down or side to side; and some forms of color deficiency.

Question 1: Why did you start this company?

Answer 1: When the possibility of working with ChromaGen presented itself, I knew right away that it was a viable business opportunity.  I look for four ingredients in a new company and ChromaGen had all of them.

  1. First-to-market product with little or no competition.
  2. A new technology that can be patent protected.
  3. A sizeable and viable market that can be penetrated.
  4. A new product or service that will have a positive impact in the world.

Question 2: Who is your major influencer? the eye doctor; educator; end user patient?

Answer 2: The consumer.  Users of ChromaGen have found us through a variety of venues as we currently participate in all aspects of social media and traditional advertising.  Once a consumer is educated about the benefits of ChromaGen and contacts us, we then direct them to a Certified ChromaGen Practitioner in their area

Question 3: What steps are you taking to grow the company?

Answer 3: As with every new technology, the challenge in the beginning is determining how to get your product out to the masses.  We are employing the use of traditional promotional venues of television, print and radio advertising.  We are also looking to gain the support of national celebrities that will endorse ChromaGen as it is a life-changing aid.  We also have received a substantial amount of editorial and free press, television coverage and radio talk show endorsements.

ChromaGen is a young and upcoming company with a consumer-driven value added proposition. Parents and teachers face obstacles daily in finding the most effective and efficient methods to maximize the abilities of children. This is an area of vision care that doctors should be fluent in; parents and teachers are not waiting for the doctors in this very important area of learning.

ChromaGen lenses on a young girl

Visit the ChromaGen Facebook Page at

About Richard Hom OD, MPA

Dr. Hom holds Doctor of Optometry and Masters in Public Administration degrees and practices family eye care and consults on public policy, health information technology and program evaluation.
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