Tips4EyeDocs Daily for 15 Dec 2011; No. 3- How did VSP Do in their Town Hall Meeting


This time last evening, I peeked into VSP’s tactical plan to respond to panel doctors concern about its direction. Today, I reflect on my own thoughts and those of others:

  1. Rob Lynch as the chief presenter is a major step forward for VSP. His presence signifies the importance that VSP has placed on these Town Hall meetings and his performance was superb. Although Dr. Jankowski would have done a yeoman’s job, Mr. Lynch did not need to rehearse much with his facility of the business competition and environment.
  2. I think the confusion of the seemingly headlong acquisition of Marchon and the development of the online store needs to be repeated over and over. I don’t believe that a lot of doctors may perceive the implications or the necessity for being a vertically integrated player in the eye care market.
  3. The onerous audit standards that were implied several times in the meeting are not explained fully to the doctors. In my experience, the audits should be punitive only if there is a pattern of either non-compliance or dishonesty. I am not sure doctors understand enough of audits.
  4. In summary, I think VSP did a good job of explaining and defending their position. I don’t believe these forums are meant to change strategy or tactics or policy. Most of the answers to the questions would not have satisfied a very unhappy panel doctor. But I think the majority of doctors are either satisfied or ambivalent and to those, this kind of presentation works.
  5. Oh, I think the beginning video is a bit too much. I think Rob Lynch saying those words in his finest speaking style would have done just as well as that video.


  1. AC Nielsen’s, “Women of Tomorrow – A Study of Women Around the World (available online and retrieved 14 December 2011 at ) reveals that women in the 21 countries it studied were universally the major decision maker in purchases. Each generation may use media in different ways to make their decisions, but they make the final decision. I think for any B2C (business to consumer) business, this might be a good read in understanding buyer behavior. (spotted on Twitter via @jkcallas)
  2. Debra A Williamson writes in “How Important is Your Facebook Brand Page to Your Social Media Strategy” that only half of readers who “like” a page or product will recommend it to a friend. She also cites surveys that readers who post comments on branded product pages, (a doctor’s web site in this case) are much more likely to refer someone by at least twice than a Facebook reader (available online at and retrieved 14 December 2011.) This post was spotted by @MWilliamsDayton on Twitter.
  3. Can a $10 photo editor match Photoshop and others that are much more expensive. The folks at MacPhun thinks so in their newest product called Snapheal (spotted on Twitter via @TheNextWeb and @BradMcCarty, ). Most of the actions are “highlight” and click. A short list of features include (an excerpt):
    1. Erase unwanted objects, delete skin imperfections and text
    2. Fix images with clone&stamp tool
    3. Adjust saturation, gamma, exposure, color temperature, etc
    4. Reduce noise and sharpen images
    5. Control shadows and highlights
    6. Import pictures from Aperture and iPhoto
    7. Export to iPhoto
    8. Handle up to 32 megapixels
    9. Work with Tiff, Raw, etc


Gray, A. et. al. “Cost effectiveness of an intensive blood glucose control policy in patients with type 2 diabetes: economic analysis alongside randomised controlled trial (UKPDS 41). BMJ 2000;320:1373

Conclusions: Intensive blood glucose control in patients with type 2 diabetes significantly increased treatment costs but substantially reduced the cost of complications and increased the time free of complications.

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About Richard Hom OD, MPA

Dr. Hom holds Doctor of Optometry and Masters in Public Administration degrees and practices family eye care and consults on public policy, health information technology and program evaluation.
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1 Response to Tips4EyeDocs Daily for 15 Dec 2011; No. 3- How did VSP Do in their Town Hall Meeting

  1. Greg Evans says:

    My concern with VSP controlling the on-line web presence is that practices like mine that try to provide high end non-vsp owned frames will have to take a back seat to those practices that support vsp products/frames. Is there anyone out there who has experience with other on-line store ventures or partnerships that would compete with the VSP experience?

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