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Trust in Small Business Decision Making

How do customers view trust in small business owners? Optometrists are both health care providers and small business owners and must create trust in both venues. Humphreys (1993) asks four ethical questions that small business need to answer if they … Continue reading

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Quality of life in high myopia before and after implantable collamer lens implantation

Implantable Collamer lenses (ICLs) are new to the United States. These soft and foldable lenses are introduced into a phakic eye through a small 3.0 mm incision near the limbus. Early results have shown the procedure to be safe and … Continue reading

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Can I Prevent My Child From Becoming Nearsighted?

Many parents, at one time or another, will ask the question of their pediatrician or their eye care doctor, whether it is an optometrist or an ophthalmologist. Myths abound and opinions are strong. For years the answer was an emphatic … Continue reading

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A case of dilated and tortuous retinal vessels

UK optometrist Akil Kanani brings forth another interesting case. His 15-year-old WF presented in 2005 for her first eye examination whereby she was diagnosed with racemos hemangioma.  Her most recent examination was unremarkable with Best vision at 6/6 each eye … Continue reading

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Retinal hemorrhages – ?

CC: Reduced vision in left of unknown onset or duration HPI – A 64 year old male presented for a routine eye examination. He had noticed a slight dreduction of vision in his LE; but  had attribtuted this to a … Continue reading

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